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Matthew and Anwar are long time animal lovers and have been surrounded by dogs nearly their entire lives. They started off by dog sitting and walking their friends and families dogs when they were just young teens. Finding a passion for this early on they decided to enter the mobile dog gym market and bring these services to the Greater Toronto Area.

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How Long Does it Take to Learn How to Move on Our Treadmills ?

Any newcomer to the Speedy Paws family will undergo an initial training. This will include a very patient and easy going introduction to the fitness coaches, truck and treadmill. Depending on the dog, the initial training may take up the entire first session or even the first few sessions. This is to ensure no dog is forced to make their way up on the truck and to the treadmill without fully trusting themselves and our trainers first.

How is Payment Handled ?

We accept debit, credit (Visa & Mastercard) and e-transfer.

How Often Should I Run My Dog ?

For optimal results, depending on your dog's breed, age and current physical nature most individuals find the need to book a run once to twice a week. During the extreme Canadian temperatures in the winter and summer months it is best to increase the number of runs due to the limitations of getting your dog the sufficient exercise they require. You are your dog’s best friend and you know them best, let us know what you are looking for and we are here to help accommodate any specific needs.

What Can I Expect during my Speedy Paws Run Session ?

At Speedy Paws you can expect your pup to be in a state of the art facility with the best quality products all while being in a temperature controlled environment to adjust for the unpredictable Canadian weather. Our K9 fitness coaches are all certified in pet first aid and have experience with all types of dogs and personalities. They are here to ensure your pup is in safe hands and having fun at all times! Our fitness coaches are here to ensure that every second your dog is on our treadmills that they are safe, engaged and most importantly having the time of their life! From the use of their favourite treats and toys to positive reinforcement from our K9 fitness coaches, your dog will be engaged at all times, having fun exercising all while being in a safe and controlled environment.

Do I Need To Be Home for the Session ?

We highly recommend that during the first trial session you accompany your dog for the run. This is to ensure that your dog is comfortable when first meeting our trainers and being introduced to the truck and treadmills. Once they are comfortable, you are welcome to continue on with your day, go inside to relax or run errands until the session is over. We do ask that you bring your dog to the door before the session and meet us there once it is over.

What Are the Requirements for Your Dog to Get Started with Us ?

Prior to any bookings with us, we advise you to clear any physical activity with your veterinarian. All dogs must be at least four months old and up to date on all vaccinations. We can accomodate all breeds and sizes from 2 lbs - 250 lbs ( 1kg to 113 kg ). Please let us know if your dog has any needs that need to be addressed prior to the run, so we may take the necessary precautions to properly accommodate them.

What is your cancellation policy?

Any cancellation within 24 hours of your scheduled run will not be eligible for a full refund and will be charged a fee of $35. If a cancellation is made within the hour before your appointment time, you will be responsible for the full amount of the session.

How long does it take before my dog starts running full speed ?

This will depend on a dog by dog basis! Some dogs may start sprinting right away while others may need a few sessions to build up their confidence. One of the many benefits of Speedy Paws is that dogs do not have to be sprinting in order to reap the benefits of the session! Even at a slow and steady pace they are being challenged mentally and physically by focusing on their balance and pace. For larger and stronger breeds we have an upgraded inclined treadmill for maximum resistance to really test your dog’s abilities! (Ask us about our inclined treadmill to see if your dog meets the criteria)

What are your hours of operation and servicing area’s ?

Our hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm and Saturday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. We currently service the entire Vaughan area.

How should I prepare my dog before Speedy Paws arrives?

You will receive a confirmation text before we make our way to your location. All appointments have a one hour appointment window to accommodate for traffic and unexpected occurrences. To prepare your dog please ensure that your dog has their nails trimmed, is fed at least two hours before their run and has gone potty before our arrival. If you have a harness for your dog please put it on them, if not we will provide one. We will come to your door to bring your dog to the truck, please ensure they are hooked on a leash.

How long are the run session’s ?

All scheduled runs will have a time slot booked of thirty minutes. However, this is dependent on each dog and their level of physical conditioning. To avoid risking injury or exhaustion we will closely monitor your dog during their run and make any necessary breaks for water or if needed, we will simply end the run early if they are showing signs of exhaustion.

Are you hiring? Do you franchise?

Our goal at Speedy Paws is to be the industry leader in North America for mobile dog gym services. We are constantly looking for like minded individuals to add to the team or to expand our service areas. Please send your resume along with any inquiries to with the subject line “Employment” or “Franchise Interest”.

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